Brunnings Lawn Grub & Beetle Kill Hose On 2 Litre


Brunnings Lawn Grub & Beetle Kill Hose On 2 Litre

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ImBrunnings Lawn Grub and Beetle Kill is all-in-one control for lawn grubs and beetles in an easy hose-on application.

  • Controls curl grubs and billbug larvae, including African Black Beetle larvae in domestic lawns.
  • Treats up to 100 square metres of lawn.


Active Consituents: 2.5g/L Imidacloprid.

How To Use: Measure lawn area before application. Apply and water in thoroughly. Do not mow treated lawn for 3 days. Rain after spraying enhances control of the pests.

Pests Controlled: Curl Grubs* and Billbug larvae. (*Also known as African Black Beetle larvae, Argentinian Scarab Beetle larvae or Pruinose Scarab larvae)

Rate: Apply the contents of this bottle over 100 square metres.

When To Apply: For Curl Grubs, the optimum application time is peak egg hatch which occurs between mid-spring to mid-summer. For Billbug larvae, the optimum application time is at the peak of adult bug activity or when small (4mm) larvae are found in the thatch or surface soil. This occurs between late spring and early summer.


DISCLAIMER: Read the label on the bottle for full instructions on how to use this product.