Rogz Lead Splitter (Splitz)


Rogz Lead Splitter (Splitz)

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Rogz Lead Splitter (Splitz) is a quality and durable lead splitter which allow you to walk two dogs at once!


  • Reflective Stitching is woven into the webbing for nighttime visibility.
  • Custom designed die cast ring with electroplated chrome and no welding for extra strength.

How to Use:

Simply attach the splitter to your dog lead and enjoy walking two dogs at once


Medium 230mm Long x 16mm Wide (HLS11) suitable for Scotty, Pug, Terrier.

Large 330mm Long x 20mm Wide (HLS06) suitable for Spaniel, Doberman, Boxer.

Extra Large 430mm x 25mm Wide (HLS05) suitable for Rottweiler, Ridgeback, Labrador.


Colour Availability (please specify colour in customer notes when ordering or a random colour will be selected)

Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Orange, Brown, Purple, Pink, Light Green, Dark Green