Fresh Meat Roo MINCE 20kg (2 x 10 kg bags)


Fresh Meat Roo MINCE 20kg (2 x 10 kg bags)

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Premium Fresh Meat Roo Mince 20 kg (In 2 x 10kg bags). * Trading Hours.

Order Online or Buy In-store @ 56 Coronation Pde Enfield NSW 2136 - (02) 97475713.

Disclaimer: (See the 5 part disclaimer below before ordering)

1 of 5. We don't keep this item on hand: This product is not usually kept in stock but is specially ordered in fresh once your order is placed. Fresh Roo Meat usually arrives at our store every Tuesday but sometimes every fortnight.

2 of 5. Home Delivery Deadline: Please have your order in by Tuesday 3 pm for delivery the following week or fortnight. Orders are usually delivered on Wednesday to Friday the following week from when they are ordered (For eg if you order on Monday 1st you will likely get your order delivered between Wednesday 10th and Friday 12th)

3 of 5. In-store Pickup Deadline: If you would like to pick up at our Enfield Store please have your order in by Tuesday 3 pm for delivery the following week. Stock usually arrive each Tuesday. Enter your postcode as 0000 for in-store pickup. Please wait till you are notified that the stock has arrived before picking up. If we dont contact you please contact us. Don't delay as this item has a short shelf life and there are no refunds is the product spoils waiting for pickup.

4 of 5. No refunds once stock arrives: There are no refunds on this item as it has a short shelf. The only exception is if we are able to cancel the order before the supplier delivers the stock to our Enfield Store.

5 of 5. Orders to be left at front door: All fresh meat/frozen orders will be left at the front door if you are not home at the time of delivery. This will be done a buyers risk. We request that the refrigerated courier driver call you before delivery (Which usually happens) but we can't guarantee they will call beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does this fresh roo meat contain any preservatives or chemicals?

A. After calling our supplier I was told that since kangaroo meat is from wild-caught stock the meat is treated with a preservative called Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous. This treatment is done before it reaches our supplier and happens to all roo meat throughout the whole roo meat industry. Apart from this one treatment, nothing else is added to the roo meat at all.

Q. Are there any additives in this roo meat ie fillers, grains, vegetables?

A. According to the manufacturer/supplier, there are no additives or fillers added or included in the meat. It is 100% roo only.

Q. Is it packed in a single large bag of mince, or a large bag with smaller bags inside?

A. This is packed in 1 single bag which is also in a box.

Q. I was just wondering if any of your fresh meat packs contain offal or bone?

A. According to the manufacturer, their meat contains no offal or bone and is meat only. This applies to the 1kg rolls and 20kg packs.