Dried Mealworms (EP)


Dried Mealworms (EP)

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Dried Mealworms (EP)

Dried Mealworms are a nutritious treat for Amphibians, Wrens, Chickens, Cichlids, Frogs, Oscars, Rats, Reptiles, Sugar Gliders, Turtles, and Wild Birds! Having trouble getting your spoiled birds to eat the dried mealworms? Try adding a dash of cold press extra virgin olive so that the dried mealworms look "life-like" to the birds! The cold-pressed olive oil is tasteless, has lots of anti-oxidants, plus amino acids, & never goes bad. Dried mealworms store well and require no special treatment. No refrigeration needed.

Typical Analysis: Protein - 53%. Fat - 25%. Fibre - 6%.

Packaging: All worms come in re-sealable clear bags.

Size Guide:

Pack Weight Approximate Worms Per Pack
200 grams 5000 worms
500 grams 12,500 worms
1 kg 25,000 worms